For developers, the right app platform is a tough thing to gauge. While going with the most widely used platform means potentially more customers, it also means likely more competition. Further complicating things is the fact that the power struggle between the various platforms continues and shake-ups are all but guaranteed. This has been a huge month for mobile news so we want to keep you informed. Here's the news in brief:

Windows Phone 7.5 update, AKA Mango, now being delivered It has taken far longer than Microsoft expected (indeed, far longer than early adopters expected) but the Windows Phone update that was meant to bring WP up to competitive form against rivals Android and iOS is finally here. On Sept. 27 Microsoft officially announced that Mango was being released to carriers and that users would soon be receiving the long-awaited update.

Apple makes it official, new iPhone coming October 4th Apple has just made the rumored October 4th date for the next-gen iPhone announcement official by sending out invites to the event slated to kick off at 10 a.m. PT on Apple's own Cupertino campus in California. With iOS 5.0 set to be released soon this looks like it is the start of another era for the iconic iPhone.

Shareholders call for major change at RIM Research in Motion has come under fire by its own shareholders recently for failing to keep the company's value up. BlackBerry handset sales have been lackluster recently and other mobile companies have taken advantage of the situation by aggressively marketing their own more advanced hardware and threatening to push RIM into the realm of obscurity.

Amazon ready to set Fire to tablet industry In another scoop, TechCrunch is reporting that Amazon's long-rumored tablet will be unveiled on Wednesday morning. And the name of the Amazon tablet will be the Kindle Fire. Yes, it's an odd name, but then again so was "iPad." This, along with Sony's addition to the tablet market in the form of the Tablet S, should serve as a sign of hope for Android tablets everywhere.