Allow me to show you how displaying your prestigious Cow Rating on your website can benefit you and your site’s visitors, as well as how you can make a little “MOO-lah” to advertise with. It’s really quite easy!

Go to your product's Tucows listing page and obtain the embed code by clicking the link that reads, "Link to this download!" Next, place the customized code into an appropriate page on your website. Once installed, your site’s visitors can see at a glance that your software has been awarded an industry-recognized and highly-sought-after Cow Rating from Tucows!

Linking your visitors to your software's download page at Tucows has multiple benefits. Because of our unique mirroring system, you can be assured that a fast, reliable, and secure download will always be available to your users. This can be of further benefit in the unfortunate event that your file server crashes, if you've maxed out your bandwidth allowance, or even if you'd just like to save on bandwidth costs. What's more, the Tucows Download Manager informs users whenever your product's listing has been updated.

Also, if you act now, we'll quickly update your software listing free of charge, and if you write to let us know that you’ve placed the link-back code in a prominent area (for instance, your site's home page), we'll credit your account with up to $60! For more details on this extended offer: