BlueStacks Beta is an Android OS emulator for Windows that allows you to use Android apps directly on your desktop computer. What’s more, you can sync your favorite apps from your Android tablet or phone to the Windows BlueStacks App Player by installing Blue Stacks Cloud Connect on your device and choosing those apps you’d like to access on your PC.

While it won't sync your user data between desktop and mobile applications, any information you've previously stored on the cloud is readily accessible. Once the account has been established, any data created and stored on the cloud thereafter will continue to be synced between the desktop BlueStacks app and your mobile. To clarify, you’ll have to begin anew with apps that don't require an account to use; for instance, progress you've made in games like Angry Birds or Sudoku will not sync up between devices. However, cloud applications such as Springpad, eBuddy, or Wordfeud, will keep your data synced in real time as long as your PC has an Internet connection.

With BlueStacks Beta, you can test mobile software first on your PC to help you decide if you want to install it on your device later. Now, Android developers and software aficionados can create better help documents, walkthrough tutorials or screen captures without needing to use the Software Developer Kit (SDK). Further, mobile developers can distribute their products to a wider audience of folks using Windows PCs, tablets, netbooks and notebooks. I’ve heard word that a Mac version is currently in the works too! You may want to try BlueStacks Beta for free or watch the video tour below even if you don't own an Android device, just to find out what all the hubbub is about.